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Trip to the Languagefarm Altkünkendorf

Sonntag, 04. September 2016 16:28 Lehrer Unsere Schule

Trip to the Language Farm Altkünkendorf , Class 7/3,  6 - 10 June 2016


Our class met at the train station at 8 o’clock. After the parents said goodbye the class went to the trains. We went with three trains and after we arrived at the final train station we took a bus to finally get to the language farm. Before we were allowed to go inside we were told the rules and got new names. The names are for example famous English bands.

There are 6 counsellors at the language farm: Jake and Erin from Australia, Jon and Dean from England, Adzee from the Republic of Ireland and Chris from Northern Ireland.

Before we got our food for lunch we went to our rooms. We had spaghetti for lunch. Before every meal one group has to do a meal presentation. This is a story in which they tell us where the food comes from and what is in the food.

After lunch we were told our project groups. We could choose from the following:  making a ginger bread house, hip hop, making a big map of the language farm, Aboriginal dot painting and making our own musical instruments.

Then we had free time and we always played table tennis in our free time. After the free time we worked in our project groups for the first time. Later we also met in our language groups.

In the evening we had burgers for dinner. The food was very delicious. After dinner we sat at the fire, sang some songs, had some free time and then we slept

Yorrick, Uwe, Tim

Tuesday – Australia Day

We woke up with music a 7.30 am. After that we had a morning circle at 8 o’clock where we held hands. There was a saying for every day and the saying for Tuesday was: “Those who lose dreaming are lost”. After the morning circle we had breakfast – prepared by Jake and Erin. They made pancakes but there was a meal presentation before we ate. The pancakes were very delicious.

After breakfast we washed our faces and brushed our teeth. Then at 9’clock we worked in our small language groups, we did the household chores but for some people it was boring. When we were all finished, Jake had a presentation for us about Australia. He told us a typical Australian saying. It sounds very funny. At 11 o’clock we chose a theatre play in our small language groups for the last day before we go home. At 11.30 we trained basketball on a field. Jake’s group prepared food for us.

After we came back to the house, they made a meal presentation and we had baked potatoes for lunch. At 3 ‘clock we worked in our project groups: amazing gingerbread house, clap clap boom, hip hop, dot painting and mega map. We all thought that it was very funny and we all had good results.

The next point on the programme was at 5 pm. We had our small language groups again and practices our theatre plays. After that we had our baseball match but Erin’s group prepared dinner for us. We had a meal presentation and Asian noodles for dinner. They were really good.

Later in the evening we sat around the fire and sang new songs. Then we did the last thing for this day: we went on a night walk. There were four wise people (the counsellors) who told us something about our future. It was interesting and funny.

After that we went back to the language farm and had to sleep.

Everything on this day was nice and we all had fun.

Wednesday – UK Day

At 7.30 am in the morning we woke up with “wonderful” music. The saying for today was: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It means that when you have a problem, make the best of it, look at the positive.  After the morning circle we had an English breakfast. An English breakfast is made of egg, tomato, mushrooms, toast with butter and beans in tomato sauce.

At 9 am we met in our small language groups to do our duties. Then Dean and Jon told us something about Great Britain. After that we played cricket near the language farm. At the same time Dean’s group cooked lunch. After lunch we had 90 minutes of free time. Most children played table tennis. Then the groups met to do their projects. After that we played cricket again and Jon’s group cooked dinner. For dinner we had Shephard’s pie which was made of mashed potatoes, cheese and soy meat. Before we went to bed, we watched a movie (“Mathilda”). The best thing of the day was to play cricket.

 Ellen, Helene, Jenny, Carolin, Pia


Thursday – Ireland Day

Thursday was Ireland day. We were woken up with music by our counsellors at 7.30 am. At 8 o’clock we had our morning circle. The saying of the day was: “Many hands make light work”. It means that more people can do the work faster and that teamwork is important.

After the morning circle we had an Irish breakfast. It’s called porridge. It was very delicious.

After breakfast we had our duties. Some had to clean the kitchen for example. Then Chris and Adzee had their presentation about Ireland. It was very interesting. At about 11 o’clock we went hiking. First we went to a protected forest. We walked about 3 hours till we had our lunch break. For lunch we had sandwiches and lemonade. The sandwiches were yummy.

After that we walked for another two hours till we got to the lake. It was very hard but it was fun too. At the lake, most of us went swimming. The cold water was very nice. We also ate ice cream there. After about 2 ½ hours we went back home.

Then we had dinner. After we ate we practiced in our language and project groups. For the presentations we went to a little church. First we had the language group presentations and then the project group presentations. For the last presentation we went back to the house. The presentations were very nice and funny. After this hard day, we had a fire and ate marshmallows. We sang songs and relaxed a bit. We all went to bed very tired but happy too. 

Fiona, Josephine, Lina, Mia, Hanna

Friday – the trip back home

Friday was the last day of the class trip. After we woke up, the counsellors gave us time to pack our things. The morning circle began late – at about 9 o’clock. The wisdom of the day was “Every end is a new beginning”. After the morning circle we had breakfast. The counsellors made French toast for us. French toast is made with milk, eggs, sugar, butter and a little bit of salt.

The last thing we did at the language farm was a quiz about the countries the counsellors came from. We wanted to get our luggage and go to the bus stop but before we made a goodbye circle and repeated all the wisdoms of this week. The bus took us to the train station. To get home we had to change trains a lot and they were all very full. We arrived in Halle at half past 5 and everyone said goodbye and went home.

The time at the language farm was a great time for everyone.

Jannik, Erich, Leander